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Administrator: Claims






Salvage Management Disposals


Print all appointments received from supplier and manage as per JD.

Action process to collect vehicle as per job description and SOP's. Date expired

Monitor and action process as per SOP's to stock vehicle in and notify supplier of either successful upliftment or unsuccessful upliftment. Monitor and resolve all vehicles outstanding, which were logged by you, where the upliftment date expired.

Daily follow up on Admin overall dashboard, Admin individual dashboard and action list to ensure that all SOP's was followed not only on your outstanding appointments but supplier contracts that you are responsible for.                                       

Log "parts to remove" on SMD system as per SOP's. (personal items)                                              

Log "potential buy-back" on SMD system as per SOP's. (Communicated from client / owner)

Follow up and resolve vehicles marked for release still in stock as per JD.        

Follow up daily on appointment put on hold - as per SOP's. (Stock management)

Follow up and resolve vehicles without appointments as per JD. (from 3rd parties)

Follow up and resolve outstanding MM code as per JD.                                          

Log comment on SMD system whenever need to indicate any incident relevant to specific appointment. (ALL comments logged in detail)                                 

Admin hunt call line to be answered                


Obtain authorisation from suppliers to pay release fees, if applicable, as per supplier agreed limits and SOP's         

Eliminate additional cost to company by: Maintain control of file/stock management with outstanding appointments as per SOP's and resolve all outstanding vehicles where the upliftment date expired                             

Confirm from control sheet all appointments received were logged onto SMD system                              


Assist suppliers, branches, clients and other Departments within the company with regards to specified supplier account queries on daily basis. (Will be displayed on the Department Dashboard)


Accurately capturing appointments to equal department average (Dependant on incoming appointments received)     



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