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Advanced Analytical Specialist




Western Cape


ThornTree Group (Pty) Ltd


R600 000 - R800 000 Per Year

Brief Description:

The Advanced Analytical Specialist is one of the key individuals that will communicate findings from our analyses with our clients.  They will be responsible for meeting our client’s high expectations on projects in relation to results and overall quality.  The Advanced Analytical Specialist will also be required to innovate within the analytical space and showcase innovative solutions with at times limited resources.  Typical assignments will involve applying advanced predictive analytical techniques to extract maximum value out of data, applying the latest concepts in action-effect optimisation, providing insights and presentation of results with key recommendations. 

Brief Key Performance Areas

  • Execution and delivery of advanced analytical and consulting projects
  • Delivery of bespoke or generic modelling solutions
  • Provide best practice consulting advice to a wide range of organisations that rely on data to drive their business domestically and internationally
  • Provide day-to-day consulting reports and presentations for delivery to clients
  • Develop close relationships with clients to identify additional areas where we can add value, often through-out-the-box solutions
  • Recommend and assist in developing new analytically focused products



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