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Area Sales Professional




Port Elizabeth


Valorem Personnel Services

Area Sales Professional Port Elizabeth

Plans and executes sales targets and activities in a specified region for the portfolio of a unit in order to increase sales with all kinds of potential customers and to achieve defined commercial targets.

* Plans sales volumes and potentials of all customers in Port Elizabeth

* Provides information via CRM for forecasts and planning.

* Analyses the specific market conditions and builds a sound market related network of stakeholders.

* Spots opportunities for local product and service portfolio solutions.

* Prepares customer contact, builds and maintains a customer focused network.

* Prepares / coordinates and negotiates proposals in cooperation with proposal mgmt / other involved professionals and management.

* Coordinates the realization of assignments, may coordinate and contribute to set up respective product developments, projects or services programs.

* Completes sales and revenue related key reporting.

* Contributes to the development of After-Market business in the region.

* May act as a point of contact to customers in commercial matters and influences collaboration within the organization to secure customer support





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