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Brand Manager






Salamis Consulting


R20 000 - R30 000 Per Month

My client is looking to hire a Brand Manger who will  be responsible for executing the vendor branding strategy, plans and programs as agreed between the vendor & my client. Responsible for executing product branding and promotional programs. Responsible for creating, obtaining approval, securing vendor funding, execution, and claiming for all Vendors funds, completing proof of performance – regionalized.

Ensures consistency of the client and the respective vendor’s brand image through all communications and in all branding collateral. Responsible for tracking, monitor and managing all campaigns, plans and promotions and supply quarterly management reports pertaining to the each campaign’s, etc. ROI and regionalized. 

The incumbents key responsibility will be Assumes responsibility for executing branding strategy, plans and programmes. Conceptualise and implements both long and short run strategic marketing and branding plans and programmes as agreed, to ensure the profit growth and expansion of the Company’s products and services. Ensures the integrity and quality of all marketing and branding efforts.Ensure funding support for all channel recruit, enable & growth programs and strategies.Executes the brand marketing campaigns, including Co-operative and Vendor/Channel / End User campaigns.Conceptualise and prepares direct & indirect mail campaigns.Directs and communicates with external marketing suppliers on ongoing campaigns. Conceptualise, implements and manage promotional programmes & events in line with pre-agreed budgets and according to Company procedures.Assists in evaluating market reactions to, and perceptions of, advertising and promotional activities.Assists with controlling marketing and branding results, ensuring that corrective action takes place to be certain that achievement of marketing and branding objectives are within designated budgets




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