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Clinical Coordinators: Gauteng






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 As the largest private hospital network in South Africa and the biggest trainer of healthcare workers, we are well placed to offer the best-quality care to patients and the best working environment for employees.

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Clinical Coordinators: Gauteng

The successful candidate will assume responsibility for the coordination, provision and establishment of quality, efficient care to client employees that leads to the promotion, protection and restoration of employee health within a safe working environment, under administrative direction of the Key Accounts Manager.

 Key performance areas:

  • Contain costs without compromising quality
  • Ensure all Standard Operating Procedures are adhered to achieve efficiency, quality output and uniformity of performance, while reducing miscommunication and failure to comply
  • Uphold and manage the SLA of the clients and ensure 100% compliance
  • Ensure that quality standards are met by systematic monitoring and evaluation as per the Quality Management System
  • Undertake annual audit of the clinics, DSPs and mobile services in designated areas
  • Ensure that the clinic complies with the OSH Act, No. 85 of 1993, MHS Act of 1996, Nursing Act, 33 of 2005, Medicines Related Substances Act, 101 of 1965 and the related regulations, and company Standard Operating Policies and Procedures
  • Ensure all clinics develop and maintain accurate up-to-date medical records, to track employee health/illness and provide clients with data
  • Ensure the clinic is organised so that the clinic functions are such, so as to ensure that the relationship between people, work and resources are maximised to achieve set, agreed objectives
  • Ensure proper stock control is implemented in the clinic to minimise loss of stock
  • Ensure an equipment inventory is kept in every clinic and a maintenance plan is executed
  • Ensure clinics adhere to maximum and minimum stock levels
  • Meet customer needs effectively and build productive customer relationships by taking responsibility for customer satisfaction
  • Inform the Key Accounts Manager promptly of any administrative and client-related problems
  • Compile a corrective action plan, as well as implement and track outcomes
  • Ensure case managers effectively manage employees of concern so as to ensure optimum value and desirable outcomes for all identified cases
  • Ensure the Netcare Brand is not compromised by ensuring tidiness and cleanliness of work spaces, that staff adhere to the Netcare Way and values, wear the Netcare uniform and badge at all times
  • Ensure that the clinic systematically researches trends and facts by collating and analysing data in order to reach new conclusions and develop interventions
  • Effectively manage staff leave and absenteeism
  • Ensure clinic and DSP compliance to month-end process
  • Ensure a registered dispensing licence and follow protocol on dispensing of medications
  • Utilise only controlled, current documentation
  • Ensure all waste documentation is correctly managed
  • Ensure locums are effectively managed
  • Provide ongoing in-service training to permanent and locum clinic staff on company policies and procedures, use of medical devices and any performance difficulties identified
  • Promote potential new business opportunities
  • Coordinate medical surveillance requirements of employees not on-site
  • Coordinate unfit categories from not on-site medical surveillance with case manager
  • Ensure protocols and procedures are in place, communicated and used
  • Ensure good pharmacy practice, medications under lock, in dry temperature-controlled place with printed container/packet labels and vaccines refrigerated
  • Ensure medicines are dispensed in accordance with dispensing licence if a requirement of the SLA
  • Ensure calibration of equipment is in accordance with standards and protocols
  • Ensure health education programme as agreed upon at Netcare Occupational Health is implemented at clinic level and a record is kept of health education given
  • Regularly audit patient records with regards to legal compliance, signatures, correct treatment per diagnosis, effective referral for employees of concern, etc
  • Maintain good relationships with business clients and service providers
  • Cultivate a culture of teamwork to achieve goals
  • Continuously support and motivate staff with their performance
  • Be actively involved in own professional development to maintain a satisfactory level of skill and knowledge
  • Keep up-to-date with NOH Netcares evolving policies and procedures
  • Encourage staff in their professional development
  • Stay abreast of latest developments/upgrades and statutory requirements that may change
  • Work effectively and cooperatively with others to establish and maintain good working relationships that are mutually beneficial
  • Create and maintain a positive environment where the differences of others are recognised, understood and valued, so that all can reach their full potential and maximise their contributions
  • Develop collaborative relationships to help accomplish work goal
  • Promote personal skills training
  • Provide annual training needs of the staff to the Key Accounts Manager



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