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Data Centre Engineer Tier 3




Port Elizabeth


Building African Skills/ BASHR Consulting

  • You      will be responsible for the monitoring, recording, diagnosing, reporting,      escalation and management of Veeam Backups across a global deployed      infrastructure base.

  • You      will be required to fulfil an operational proactive role to ensure that      future incidents are prevented, and current incidents are resolved or      escalated through the relevant processes.

  • You      will have to develop a basic understanding of our virtualization-and-backup      environments, and administration abilities such as report writing, as well      as being proficient in operational documentation with attention to detail.

  • You      will be required to manage, diagnosing and restoring items in from backup,      using Veeam.
  • You      will be required to share and grow the proactive requirements of the role      by adding visibility and improving the current monitoring systems and      sharing with the wider team.
  • You      will be required to troubleshoot backup and host (Hyper-V and VMWare)      specific errors, and be involved in the deployment of updates, if required      by the vendor or client.
  • You      might be required to assist with DCS stand-by on a rotational basis.

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