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Education Manager


Education Manager




Umjikelo Recruitment Services

Our client requires the services of a suitably qualified, well-motivated and results driven Education Manager to be appointed at Illovo, Johannesburg.



Devising national strategies for and ensuring the development and implementation of the education services for the broad range of the company tuition providers including universities, the approved employers training the company and client’s students and ensuring that the company is recognised as part of national education and qualification frameworks.


Key Performance Areas

  • Provide advice and guidance to tuition providers wanting to start teaching the organisation and help promote and develop the organisation’s brand by communicating technical and teaching support details to tuition providers
  • Engage and counsel learning partners in a broad range of education matters including examinations, exam technique, study skills, course design, teaching support etc.
  • Improve year to year conversion performance in South Africa, specifically exam pass rates across the learning partners and other tuition providers in South Africa
  • Work with marketing to ensure potential students recruited in South Africa are of high calibre, increasing the chances of them clearing the organisation’s exams regularly
  • Develop and deliver innovations to raise teaching standards with a view to improvement in the understanding and application of the contents covered in the syllabus of the company’s professional qualifications
  • Review and improve teaching standards of the organisation and the client’s learning partners within the country, including assessment methodology and means of monitoring learning partners
  • Provide advice and guidance to educational organisations wanting to obtain the organisation’s exemptions for their qualifications
  • Work with BRMs to support employers on improvements to workplace learning support and to develop the competence of origination’s students and members
  • Communicate updates of developments in Education and Professional Development to students, members and other relevant stake-holders
  • Work with the Regional Head of Education and Head Office Learning Partnerships team to ensure that the organisation is recognised as part of national education and qualification frameworks where appropriate
  • Input into the national organisation market plan.
  • Work with the Learning Directorate to ensure coordination of national and global initiatives
  • Work with the regional Head of Education and Head Office Learning Partnerships team to develop new tuition related toolkits to support services for organisation tuition providers and other stakeholders in South Africa
  • Contribute to the development of the organisation’s global educational policies and products particularly with respect to the following:
  • the exemption policy for the organisation’s students including the accreditation of programmes within South Africa;
  • The Approved Learning Partner programmes to ensure they meet the needs both of national market and the organisation's global quality assurance standards.
  • Work with Teach Accounting and Student Accountant editors to ensure that exam and teaching advice relevant to South Africa students and profile of learning providers are covered adequately
  • Work with communication team to profile the organisation’s South Africa education activities in national newspapers and the organisation publications as well as be the organisation’s South Africa spokesperson on professional accounting education and company education initiatives and products
  • Work closely with Learning and Professional Development team to ensure that the organisation’s learning providers in South Africa are equipped with the necessary products and skills knowledge and information
  • Line Management of a supporting role to the Education team 



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