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Financial Manager (CA) in Dunkeld (Johannesburg)



CA 1020




The Workforce Group (Pty) Ltd

The individual's responsibilty as the Financial Manager will be:

  • Recommend and implement techniques to improve productivity, increase effectiveness and cost saving.
  • Successful execution of strategic and operational deliverables.
  • Preparation of monthly management accounts.
  • Financial accounting and reporting
  • Knowledge of international accounting standards
  • Ability to work within the standards of the IFRS (International Financial Reports)
  • Ability to perform the activities and use the Accounting Classification and chart of accounts
  • Knowledge of Commercial and tax Law
  • Ability to perform activities using appropriate Software systems
  • Preparation of company and group financial statements.
  • Preparation of company and group budgets and monthly forecasts.
  • Assume the responsibility for the correct and accurate accounting classification of all expenditures and documents including capital and others.
  • Deal with end to end SAP processes and the implementation thereof.
  • Management of team of 2-3.

Key responsibilities

  • Prepare the financial and treasury reports, forecasts and deviations to budget of the company and its subsidiaries on a monthly basis
  • Define policies and strategies for the financial and administrative management
  • Prepare and monitor budgets of the company and the risk management in various investments and day to day operations
  • Participate in activities relating to the company's strategic planning, lifting and analysing relevant information, in order to contribute to the development of action plans that will lead the company to achieve its objectives.
  • Lead the preparation of the financial reports of the company, as well as the control of the fixed assets and register
  • Analyse the contracts signed with third parties, from the point of view of taxation and financial reporting,
  • Ensure that the company complies with all fiscal assumptions and taxes due to the State by virtue of the implementation of your economic activity.
  • Request or perform periodic audits on the accounts of the company
  • Manage and optimise the working capital requirements of the company and its subsidiaries
  • Manage and oversee the external and internal audit engagements within the company and its subsidiaries ensuring adherence to group timelines, the achievement of unqualified opinions and no cost overruns.
  • Perform other job-related professional tasks.
  • Manage team and all areas related to people management.
  • Set KPIs, provide coaching and support to team, drive performance.
  • Participate in B-BBEE verification and provide support information to HR and Procurement to support codes.



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