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Fund Accountant




Cape Town


Conova Financial Recruitment


Review and ensure all documentation is in place for investment purchases, sales or distributions to ensure that there is no delay in the instruction of the Investment.

Prepare and execute all investment purchase transaction to ensure the Investment deadlines are timely met.

Set-up and capture all investment transactions on Investran to ensure the investments are correctly reflected within the valuation.

Monitor and capture distributions / sales proceeds on Investran to ensure the movement are correctly reflected within the specific valuation.

Prepare accurate quarterly (pre fair market value and post fair market value) accounts (including capital statements for investors) so that the accounts can be timely reviewed and approved.

Prepare and perform accurate expense and accrual calculations, including management and admin fee calculations to ensure the expenses are correctly reflected with the accounts

Prepare, monitor and capture cash movements (cash management) and investment trades to ensure accurate cash and investments movements are reflected within Investran.

Prepare and perform weekly cash and stock reconciliations including proper investigation of all outstanding issues to ensure a timely resolution of any reconciling differences and no valuation errors occur.

Monitor daily / monthly asset prices and their pricing sources (for corporate actions) to ensure securities are updated and valued correctly on Investran and no asset pricing errors occur within the valuation

Proactively investigate queries with dealers; brokers; custodians; auditors and clients to ensure a timely resolution of all queries. Where applicable to communicate and escalate potential issues in a prompt and effective manner.

Understand and implement company policies and procedures; client service level agreements and internal controls to ensure compliance thereof and no Custodian and external audit findings occur as a result of them not being applied.


Monitor and perform regular compliance checks to ensure all scheme particulars are adhered to and no concern is raised in Compliances reviews and reports.

Prepare and send out all valuation e-mails to a pre-defined distribution list to ensure all parties have been timely informed of the Valuation.

Prepare and complete all quarterly statutory returns to ensure the specific funds regulatory requirements are fulfilled.

Prepare accurate Call / Distribution notices and send then out to a pre-defined list to ensure the successful instruction thereof within the specific timelines.

Monitor and capture Called money to ensure the instructed amount has been received. Follow up on any outstanding Call money with the relevant party.


Prepare and complete all sundry administrative tasks, including filing of quarter end accounts to ensure no negative feedback received from the client or any other external parties

Accurately update and maintain relevant sections in the KPI spreadsheet to allow for successful tracking and reporting by the Client Solutions team.



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