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GEHS Call Centre Agent (Multi)






SA Home Loans

Key Responsibilities:

·         Inbound and outbound experience and ability

·         Answer calls and respond to emails 

·         Handle customer inquiries both telephonically and by email

·         Facilitate end to end enrolment process

·         Provide end to end enrolment support

·         Pull ITC reports for clients

·         Read, understand and analyze the contents of ITC report

·         Understand from ITC analysis what needs to improve on clients ITC for improved credit score

·         Educate client by communicating effectively what adjustment client needs to make to improve credit profile

·         Manage and resolve customer queries

·         Provide customers with product and service information

·         Enter new customer information into system

·         Update existing customer information 

·         Identify and escalate priority issues

·         Route calls to appropriate resource

·         Follow up customer calls where necessary

·         Document all call information according to standard operating procedures

·         Complete call logs

Key Competencies:

·         Time management

·         Verbal and written communication skills

·         Listening skills

·         Problem analysis and problem solving

·         Customer service orientation

·         Organizational skills

·         Attention to detail

·         Judgment

·         Adaptability

·         Team work

·         Stress tolerance

·         Resilience


Call Centre

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