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Insurance Sales Advisor








Our Value Proposition:

Up to 7 different income streams from services rendered to clients.

Professional and Efficient office support.

In-house Training, Support and Development

Ongoing training and mentorship.

Access to Liberty Product Specialists

Fully paid office expenses.

We are a dynamic company that provides you with all the support through our boutique type environment.

We allow you to focus on your productivity whilst we handle all your admin headaches

We will help build your business/career by providing you with qualified and relevant leads

Our in-house training facilities will ensure you are at the cutting edge of product innovation and knowledge

A highly entrepreneurial environment allows you to build your business for yourself

We pride ourselves to keep you relevant by providing industry analysis on the latest trends and changes in the industry

We are responsive to international trends to give you the edge in the market

Our exclusive rates on investment business gives you the edge in the market for both local and offshore investments

Become a business partner, do it for yourself and answer only to yourself.

Become your own boss and choose your destiny

Stay ahead of the game by attending exclusive seminars and conferences with industry leaders and game changers

Our ultra-competitive commission structures ensures tenacious, proactive and hungry advisors are well rewarded

Our beautifully designed and professional environment is ideal to bring your clients

Dont stagnate become a game changer



Provide direct assistance in providing knowledge and skills and in setting financial wellness and related goals through face-to-face interactions.

Educate clients in areas such as budgeting, credit and debt management, insurance, saving and investing, education planning and retirement planning.

Provide face-to-face advice effectively to motivate clients' financial wellness.

Create personalized financial plans for clients derived from detailed analysis of their current income, expenses, insurance coverage, financial objectives, risk tolerance, and other information needed to develop a financial plan and review financial plans regularly.

Provide appropriate financial solutions based on clients' financial plans.

Maintain security and confidentiality of company, and client data.

Build sustainable long term relationships with clients, by assisting them in achieving their financial goals.

Handle client complaints and resolve problems.


Products and services:


Health Planning

Estate Planning/Wills

Risk Cover - Disability; death or dread disease



Investment Planning



This is an opportunity to work for yourself and manage your own business.

No capital needed

Invest time, effort and energy in yourself.

Extensive training, on-boarding and development is provided.

Deal with clients daily and develop long term client relationships.

Within the role as a Financial Planner, you will be responsible for networking and building long term client relationships; conducting a comprehensive financial needs analyses; providing financial advice and presenting appropriate solutions to meet their specific needs and financial goals.


You need to have the ability to build a professional and sustainable business and service clients in a way that is conducive to sustainable long term relationships.

The outcome is offering clients both individual and corporate access to sound financial planning, and the reward of assisting people achieve their financial goals, over the short and long term, through planning, advice and continued consulting.

Extensive training and on-going mentoring and development is provided ensuring for you, sustainable success and long term residual income. We offer our clients a complete financial services offering and products/services range from lump sum investments, off-shore investments, recurring monthly investments, life insurance, disability and dread disease cover, income protection, estate planning, business insurance, tax planning, wills, medical aid and short term insurance, etc.





Business Management

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