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IT programming Internship




Johannesburg CBD


Direct Employer


R6 000 Per Month

Our client is a leading bank in South Africa who offers Corporate and Investment Banking has a diverse footprint serving clients across Africa. Their goal is to build not only a sustainable, trustworthy business, but a business that customers and clients consider as the first choice in Africa.

Job Title:

  • Entry level system Developer

Key Accountabilities

Accountability: Develop programs

  • Use the detailed program design and implementation plan, received from a senior system builder or technical team lead, to develop programs (e.g. Cobol, Java, .net) that accommodates automated output according to Absa
  • Standards with focus on automation, error handling and presentation of output.
  • Develop a program/application back-out plan, in order to ensure that a project cannot be removed from production if necessary, by investigating the dependencies between programs.
  • Submit the program source code and back-out plan to a senior system developer or technical team lead for review in order to ensure that the code is error free and the implementation is in alignment with business requirements

Accountability: Quality assurance of developed applications

  • Develop unit test plans, in order to record expected test results during unit testing, by analyzing the business requirements document.
  • Conduct unit testing as specified in the unit test plan and document the outcomes in order to ensure that the code developed is error free.
  • Implement fixes by changing program code to resolve any identified unit testing discrepancies.
  • Submit test plans and test results to a senior system developer or technical team lead for review in order to ensure that all test scenarios have been catered for and tested.
  • Provide stability to the production system by implementing relevant error checking mechanisms and specific alerts.

Accountability: Stake holder management and reporting

  • Inform and update the System Developer or technical team lead on the status of all escalated service problems (Severity 1) or outages when they occur and until they are resolved
  • Attend relevant project progress review sessions and provide feedback when required
  • Attend scheduled meetings between different divisions to ensure that requests are updated and being adhered to


  • Insert comments in the program code in order to facilitate maintenance of the application.
  • Create documentation (e.g. maintenance guide) for all new projects and store the completed documentation in an appropriate  repository (e.g. a share point site or central server).
  • Update existing application documentation to reflect program changes.
  • Submit documentation to a System Developer or technical team lead for review to ensure that the documentation incorporates all system development and changes



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