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Merchandise Planner (mrpsport)






Mr Price Group

Mr Price Sport is currently recruiting for an experienced Merchandise Planner. The objective of the Planner is to formulate and manage the quantitative aspects of product procurement. The Merchandise Planner must also ensure they are delivering the right stock, in the right quantity, at the right time in order to ensure cost requirements are satisfied with maximum profit to the company in line with the strategy and the brand.

  • Partner with the Buyer to develop a product strategy that will ensure the company gains maximum profitability.
  • Execute the strategy and ensure it is achieved within your budget
  • Play a pivotal role in helping the Group realize its vision to become a top performing international retailer

A Merchandise Planner will be responsible for the following: you will work closely with your team to ensure the current strategy is being executed as efficiently and effectively as possible; based on the weekly analysis of your portfolio, you are required to react to opportunities or possible risks in the market to either maximize sales or reduce loss in sales; you will control your budget, ensuring that orders are placed in the correct months and no over spend or underspend occurs without valid reasons; develop a strategy going forward based on what happened previously, what is happening currently in your business and identifying new opportunities that exist in the market with the aim to maximise sales and profitability for the company.




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