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Onsite Technicians x 2






Placement Point (Pty) Ltd


R21 000 Per Month

A well established and dynamic company based in the Northern suburbs is looking for an Onsite Technicians x 2


Internal Business Processes:

  • Ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Ongoing feedback to management regarding clients and issues experienced
  • Ensuring service delivery to clients as prescribed SLAs
  • Daily updates of tickets that you are responsible for
  • Communicating clear technical information to service desk staff when assisting with errors on site
  • Management of toolkit and laptop issued to technician
  • Management of company fleet car assigned to technician
  • Responsible management of personal leave and adherence to leave policies
  • Ensuring handover documents are in place for when taking leave
  • Supporting the team by assuming other team member responsibilities when they are absent
  • Arriving on time at work every day and if for any reason you will be running late or not coming in that day to alert team leader before 08:00 of that morning
  • Checking your calendar and collecting required information for your call outs so that you will be on site at clients at the scheduled times
  • Daily signing in and out of sign on registers
  • Monthly submission of KPI documentation
  • Daily submission of Callout and PC Support documentation
  • Ensure that clients sign appropriate documentation for any call out attended to
  • Ensure that clients sign indemnity forms for any of their property taken off site
  • Handing over any client hardware taken off site with appropriate indemnity documentation to the workshop
  • Being available for after hours duties as per the rotation schedule (average is one week every month)


  • Reaching monthly target of R29 000.00
  • Submission of petrol claim sheets for use of own car by the 15th of each month to Team Leader
  • Submission of all petrol invoices for the company fleet cars to finance department same day as car was filled up
  • Business insurance in place on your personal vehicle
  • Ensure your billing notes in tickets are accurate
  • Ensure that your tickets are resolved in a timeous manner so that billing gets completed as soon as errors has been resolved

Client Relationship

  • Always build professional, friendly and trustful relationships with every client you deal with
  • Advise clients on IT matters that you have full knowledge on and escalate issues that you dont to your Team Leader so that they
  • Represent the company professionally by speaking to clients in a respectful, intelligent and friendly manner
  • Represent the company professionally by taking pride in your appearance and dressing in accordance to the the company's dress code
  • Remembering that the company is a single entity as viewed by the client. Blaming errors that may occur with work done on other company departments still means you are blaming the company in the eyes of the client and you should rather just apologize for any errors
  • Taking ownership of your PC Support clients in always being aware of what is happening on site
  • Following up on issues for that client that are being worked on by other departments so that you can update the technical contacts as required

Learning and growth:

  • Sticking to the development plan by attending training and writing tests as agreed to in the plan
  • Attending Tuesday night training sessions from 17:30 to 19:00
  • Actively working at keeping up to date with current technical trends and improving your knowledge
  • Provide assistance and training to other technicians if they request assistance
  • Actively engaging higher up technical agents to learn further skills from them


  • Perform PC Audits for clients and collate data in templates
  • Basic network cabling
  • Provide basic hardware level support on Servers
  • Provide full hardware level support on workstations
  • Provide full desktop software level technical support for Windows and Office
  • Configure ADSL Routers in both router and bridge mode
  • Configure Wireless Access Points
  • Troubleshooting of physical network failures
  • Configure iBurst connectivity for servers with assistance from Service Desk
  • Creation of users on both Windows and Linux platforms with assistance from Service Desk
  • Installation and set up of workstations
  • Joining workstations to Active Directory managed domains and Samba managed domains with assistance from Service Desk
  • Installation of Servers into cabinets
  • Installation of VOIP phones
  • Installation of network devices
  • Installation of both USB and network Printers
  • Troubleshooting of both USB and network Printers
  • Administering rights and permissions for shared printers
  • Administering rights and permissions for network shares with assistance from Service Desk
  • Administering rights and permissions for exchange mailboxes with assistance from Service Desk
  • Setting up VPN Connections on workstations
  • Moving of servers between physical locations
  • Disassembling and clean ups of server cabinets
  • Configuring Exchange/Office 365/Pop/IMAP mail on Android/Nokia/Blackberry/iOS cellphones and tablets
  • PC Support maintenance tasks
  • Check client backups
  • Ensure anti-virus is deployed and updated across network
  • Attend to all desktop level client requests on your weekly visits
  • Advising client on potential risks at their sites



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