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Outbound Sales Consultants selling long term products






Isilumko Staffing (CPT)


R10 500 Per Month

The division is you would be placed to work in, is responsible for retail business in South Africa. It provides a comprehensive range of competitive financial solutions across all market segments. 

The call centre is based in Bellville and you would be expected to make Outbound Sales, selling long-term products. 

Key responsibilities:  
Selling products telephonically  

Achievement of sales targets and objectives  

Adherence to Quality and Compliance processes to minimise business risk  

Manage your quality & compliance against benchmarks to minimise business risk, with the client in mind  

Maintain optimal operational efficiencies based on productivity measures  

Adapt and change to fit in with changing business operational requirements

Resolve complaints and objections  8. Build and maintain good client relationships  

Managing information regarding new products, rate changes, rulings, training updates etc.

Keep abreast of developments and trends in the Industry – self-learning 

Ensure commitment to the FAIS Fit & Proper qualification requirements  


R126 000 pa TGP & commission

  • Commission:
  • Training program of six to seven weeks – no commission can be earned.
  • For the next three months, you will be working on a vesting target; reduced commission between R2000 and R3500 is applicable.
  • Once fully vested, you will be we measured at 100%.  The commission is based on  sliding scale starting at  R4 000 capped at R8000 when 130% of full target is achieved.
  • Quarterly pay outs are applicable for performance exceeding 130%.
  • Quality and Retention parameters applies.
  • Hours:
    •     Willing and available to work overtime as and when required by the business
    •     Monday- Friday 08:15-16:15 (normal office hours)
    •     Wednesdays 11:00 – 19:00 (normal office hours)
    •     Marathons run from 08:15 -19:00

    o    If overtime is required by the business it will  take place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 08:15 -19:00



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