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QA Agent



QA Agent




National Risk Managers ( Affinity Health)



  • Monitor and maintain quality and compliance standards for sales calls & applications




Verify Member Information on Sales Calls

  • Search telephony source(s) for sales voice recordings

  • Listen attentively to sales voice recordings

  • Verify that members details have been correctly captured

  • Update/correct member information, on CRM, per sales call


Audit Sales Application for Completeness and Compliance

  • Verify correctness and application of Sales needs analysis

  • Assess suitability of product(s) sold for members identified needs

  • Verify that benefits have been correctly/accurately communicated

  • Identify and report potential financial risk factors contained in calls/applications

  • Identify and report misrepresentation risk factors contained in calls/applications

  • Verify accuracy of CRM notes against sales call

  • Check that all compliance requirements have been correctly executed

  • Confirm that all required essential support documentation is accounted for

  • Request outstanding support documentation from relevant source(s)

  • Confirm that all regulatory documentation requirements are attached to policies

  • Update/correct policy information/notes, on CRM, per sales call

  • Disposition policies to either activate, send for endorsement, cancel or sendback

  • Complete QA scorecard for each QAed policy (Genii)


Perform Prescribed Administrative Duties

  • Compile periodic activity/stats reports

  • Conduct and submit Self-Check for QA process completeness

  • Create query tickets for enquiries to Supervisors and coaches

  • Record sendback reasons for each sendback (Genii)

  • Indicate, to Sales Representatives, means to correct identified sendback reasons

  • Capture daily activities on Google Sheets

  • Update inception dates for all active policies (system bug prohibiting)

  • Perform duties delegated by supervisor/manager




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