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QR3186 Assistant Store Manager - Atterbury






Quantum Recruitment

Achieve set revenues and maintain required margins through setting of daily targets, staff targets as well as merchandise management
Develops key indicators to track success of a new idea or risk and to track changing business challenges
Manage and supervise store employees in all aspects of customer services including handling customer complaints, product presentation, housekeeping, training etc. 
Ensure adherence to all marketing and promotional initiatives as well initiating own promotion/marketing ideas 
Monitor and order all store operating and merchandising suppliers e.g. signage, tags, equipment
Provide management advice to staff on problems/store emergencies e.g. theft/shoplifting incidents, unruly/irate customers, security hazards such as fire etc
Ensure all security procedures are adhered to.
Prepare statistical and narrative reports of store activities
Creates a model for continuous learning and improvement that makes it easy for change to happen
Develops world class managers and/or successors for critical organizational positions
Communicates directly and honestly at all levels from employees to executive management
Empowers team beyond area of responsibility
Shares best practices, wins and learnings with peers to improve service to a higher level
Works collaboratively with colleagues to communicate synergistic solutions across functional lines
Drives accountability for objectives while facing changes and uncertainty
Significantly improves the operating effectiveness of the business, even when pursuing longer-term and strategic initiatives.
Manage expenses to ensure they do not exceed budget e.g. cash control, telephone, stationery, overtime, petty cash etc
Inventory management: Ensure an efficient door to floor process and manage all related reporting and administration accountabilities.
Manage inventory counts
Opens and closes store in accordance with established policies and procedures i.e. verifies opening cash balance at each register, run daily bank up etc. 
Oversee daily cash reconciliation and bank deposit procedures
Perform any and all duties normally assigned to subordinate staff to maintain staff coverage and to lead by example
Ensure team alignment on all policies and procedures.
Ensure adherence to Health and Safety guidelines and procedures



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