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Sales Team Leader






Isilumko Staffing (CPT)


R15 000 - R21 000 Per Month

Purpose of Job

The call centre supervisor’s responsibility is to manage and support the agents, ensuring that the call centre meets the required operational standards and measures.


The job function of the supervisor / team leader involves improving sales agent performance and maintaining standards in service excellence through quality monitoring, analysis of reports and continuous improvement initiatives.


The role calls for high level competencies in five key areas.

  1.        Practical support and assistance
  2.        Coaching and training
  3.        Managing agent performance
  4.        Continuous improvement
  5.        Reporting


Being available to provide practical support, assistance and instruction:

To be accessible to call centre agents providing hands on support and guidance and handling escalated calls.  Monitoring response times, conducting meetings and maintaining morale.


Developing agents through coaching and training

To identify skills gaps that exist and to plan, conduct and document coaching and training sessions in order to develop agent’s skills and knowledge to improve performance.


Managing agent performance against defined performance measures

To perform quality assessments against defined criteria, conduct real time monitoring and manage schedule adherence.


Being aware of opportunities for development through continuous improvement

To identify improvements to processes, provide recommendations and participate in projects to bring about continuous improvement.


Preparing and analysing quantitative and qualitative reports

To collate all centre activity data into reports for analysis and to provide solutions and recommendations in order to meet performance standards.



Call Centre

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