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Senior Clerk: Assets Insurance & Radio Infrastructure (Contract Position)




Western Cape


Direct Employer

Key Accountabilities


Managing and coordinating Asset Management for the branch in order to comply with the accounting, administrative policies and procedures to ensure that all assets are efficiently managed and audited to minimise financial risk and ensure optimal utilisation by:

Establishing and regularly reviewing an Asset Management strategy for the branch.

See to it that Asset Management practices comply with economic useful life determinations and associated depreciation periods.

Assist with identifying of impairment losses of assets.

Ensure assets are adequately barcoded.

Ensuring that asset project structures are categorized and clearly classified.

Ensure that all assets are safeguarded against loss/theft.

Ensure the completion of annual asset and inventory verification.

Ensure that all obsolete, damaged and unused assets are handed to SCM for auction purposes.

Administering the transfer of assets within the branch.

Contribute to audit investigations.

Activating procedures and processes to address specific damages/threats to moveable and immoveable assets and coordinating steps to recover costs.

Ensure that administrative and legislative compliance is adhered to.


Assist with establishing, formulating and drafting business processes and procedures within the branch by:

Assist with consultations and liaising with internal and external stakeholders to establish their operational and business requirements.

Assist with coordination and facilitating the drafting of administrative systems, designs and specifications for approval by line management.

Assist in the Interpretation with methods of operating guidelines and instruction for implementation.

Assist in establishing methods for standard operating procedures.


To ensure effective and efficient implementation of standard administrative practices in meeting stakeholders needs.



To manage, establish and maintain efficient and effective administrative support function for the branch by:


Facilitating and controlling workflow processes and output levels of administrative personnel.

Providing guidance to the departments in terms of administrative systems application and information recording and updating.

Resolving conflicts and addressing deviations in performance levels on agreed standards through the application of specific human resources procedures regulating working conditions, job design and responsibility levels.

Assessing training and developmental needs and assist with drafting motivational documents to line manager for consolidation into management reports and approval.

Assist with the coordination when maintaining of registers and records management associated within the Branch.

Support in providing office consumables equipment.


In order to ensure an effective and efficient administrative support function for the department.



Monitors consolidation, processing and preparation of functional information by:


Preparing and extracting reports for submission to line managers detailing the operational status of assets in the branch.

Reviewing asset information in SAP with a view to identify, investigate and notify line managers of variances and outcomes.

Checking the validating information of IS & T assets recorded in the department’s internal databases in relation to SAP asset database.

Providing consolidated administrative information in the form of inventory analysis of branch’s assets.

Ensure that all assets are reflected on the Fixed Asset Register.

Maintaining and administering the department’s inventory registers.

Maintaining and administering the department’s insurance registers.

Create SAP PM functional locations for the branch.

Update and maintain SAP PM functional location data base for the branch.


In order to ensure information and records detailing assets and other activities/operations are updated, maintained and made available in supporting the branch and its operational outputs.

Knowledge and Skills

Asset Management and Project Management.

Knowledge of Council policies and procedures.

Knowledge of the MFMA and GRAP.

Ability to work under pressure in a critical technical environment.

Ability to analyse and solve complex operational and management issues.

Ability to work in a team and as a team leader.

Good oral communication skills.

Microsoft word, Excel level 3, Power Point.

SAP asset management and plant maintenance modules

Qualifications or Experience


1-2 years relevant experience of which 2 years in an Asset Management environment.

Technical experience must include the following fields

Asset Management

Project Management

Administrative Support

Radio Infrastructure


Government & Parastatals

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