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Senior System Development Engineer - EC2 Placement





Cape Town CBD


Amazon Web Services


Design and build the systems that power how EC2 optimizes how instances are placed on the underlying hardware fleet. Amazon EC2 provides on-demand scalable compute capacity, and powers some of the largest services in the world. You will collaborate with a top-tier community of engineers to build systems at the heart of EC2.

EC2 Placement aggregates data from across AWS, and then uses that data to make real-time decisions on which hardware to use to satisfy a new instance launch in a way that optimizes multiple objectives. The Senior System Development Engineer in this space will be responsible for helping define the technical roadmap for the underlying Placement systems and working across teams to realize that vision, strengthening our DevOps processes and systems, increasing operational excellence and security posture, and mentoring members of the team. Specific experience is high availability systems, data streaming systems, CI/CD, security and performance monitoring and improvement are valued.

If this opportunity sounds interesting, we would love to talk to you more about our work and the vibrant culture at AWS in Cape Town.



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