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Stockroom Manager (Retail)






Quantum Recruitment

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate and supervise the daily activities of the business support staff
  • Set priorities for team to ensure task completion, coordinate work activities with other supervisors
  • Management of expenses to ensure they do not exceed budget e.g. telephone, stationery, petty cash, purchase orders, etc
  • Inventory management including orders product, as needed, from the relevant team in order to maintain an appropriate product assortment by size, colour, and collection.
  • Prepares statistical reports describing store activities e.g. weekly and monthly reports, shortage and staff planner
  • Assist with preparation of inventory counts and during the inventory count.
  • Maintain and manage category layout
  • Manage out of stock audits, mismates and defectives
  • Manage inventory by actioning markdowns accordingly and as it is needed for both aged and hash inventory
  • Manage product hardware and report broken hardware for maintenance purposes
  • Perform stockroom duties as follows; focus on both incoming and outgoing product, unload delivery trucks, organize product inventory to facilitate ease of replenishment and process to ensure readiness for the floor
  • Perform duties such as POS Refill, stockroom planning, bin maintenance/accuracy, stockroom audits, stockroom organization and re-ticketing of product in the stockroom
  • Execute permanent markdown for both hash and aged product in the stockroom
  • Organize and action obsoletes and defectives
  • Perform any and all duties normally assigned to subordinate staff to maintain staff coverage and to lead by example
  • Is able to get high performance from others
  • Motivates through continuous communication
  • Builds strong relationships and addresses issues proactively
  • Develops short and long term plans with measurable goals and timeframes
  • Listens and considers their audience prior to speaking
  • Communicates honestly and respectfully with upper management consistently all the time
  • Finds long term solutions so the same problem will not occur again
  • Acts as a role model for superior customer service
  • Dramatically improves customer service store wide
  • Shares customer feedback with store team and implements improvements immediately
  • Reaches out to management on their own to learn new reports and how they can be used to improve business and service
  • Puts teaching and training at the forefront of all communication
  • Integrity is a core value in their life
  • Uses systematic processes and hard data to support major decisions
  • Analyzes opportunities and adjusts priorities to focus on those with greatest potential or return
  • Develops key indicators to track changing business challenges
  • Speaks to holding team and self-accountable with measurable goals

Significantly improves the operations of the stores



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