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Supplier Brand Services Manager






Primedia Instore


R25 000.00 - R35 000.00 Per Month

Media Sales

  • Drive media sales across multiple channels. 
  • Achieving overall revenue targets across the individual channels.
  • Designing client media strategies.
  • Demonstrating tangible results and ROI for clients.
  • Planning and coordinating of 360 degree media campaigns within a particular chain.
  • Performing market research, as well as analysing and gaining insight from market research/data.

Manage Relationships

  • Build a rapport with PIs business partners (i.e. buyer teams, commercial teams, internal marketing divisions).
  • Set specific marketing goals by campaign.
  • Develop and implement marketing strategies   aligned with business objectives.
  • Analyse sales and marketing metrics.
  • Forecast and present market trends.
  • Generate innovative ideas to promote client brand products.
  • Maximize revenue across all media channels.
  • Increasing the existing client base for   Supplier    
  • Brand Services. 
  • To effectively leverage brand touch points   across all media channels.
  • Post campaign and ROI analysis

Manage Staff

  • Analyse the business plan to determine the applicable deliverables and targets
  • Determine the human resource requirements, permanent and contractors, in accordance with the expected deliverables
  • Secure the human resource requirements to ensure that deliverables will be met in accordance with the expected targets
  • Conduct the Performance Planning Session
  • Compile the Performance Management documentation in collaboration with the staff member in terms of:
  • Performance Output Profile requirements
  • Key Performance Areas
  • Personal Development Plan
  • Track and monitor performance in accordance with policies and procedures and performance planning documentation
  • Continuously provide feedback and coaching to ensure that the staff member/s perform at optimum productivity level
  • Conduct performance reviews in accordance with policies and procedures and take corrective   actions where 
  • necessary.
  • Appraise performance  at the end of the performance period in accordance with policies and procedures
  • Provide feedback to  the relevant role players



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