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Teachers wanted for KC Education Copr






KC Educational Corp


R32 000.00 - R39 000.00 Per Month

Check out our site for more info or to contact us directly: kidcastle-recruit(dot)com
Our site also links to our social media pages (YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and Facebook, as well as our Asia area recruiting team kidcastlecareers(dot)com)

If you're a new graduate, the high salary and low cost of living is a great way to knock off some student debt, or come back home with some capital (as our freelance recruiting team has done - all our recruiters in SA,NZ, US and UK were once part of our team in Asia, loved it with us and now in their spare time work to make our team even bigger!)

Typically, a Full time Native Speaking Teacher (NST) at the Language School will work up to 30 hours per week over five days. This consists of about 23 hours of actual teaching hours and about 7 hours of preparation or administrative hours in the office. The average Class Size is between 15 and 20 students between Kindergarten and High School ages. Teachers are supplied with books and lesson outlines, and therefore teachers do not need to bring their own materials. It is up to the English teacher on how to teach the lesson and to plan activities around the lesson plan.

(Rand values are approximate depending on exchange rate with Chinese Yuan):

Salary per month: RMB 15,000 to 18,000 RMB (ZAR32,000 - ZAR39,000)
salaries are based on USD amounts - which favours Rand earnings

- 5000 RMB (R9800) Flight Allowance

- 2000RMB (R3900) Visa Allowance 

- 5000RMB (R9800) Contract Completion Bonus 

For over thirty years, Kid Castle has been a leader in English education for young learners. The school likes to encourage the students to speak only in English in classes. The school places a huge emphasis on spoken English rather than written English. We utilize state of the art classrooms to create a better learning environment for our students and our hard work, superior training facilities and breadth of experience give us an advantage in finding the best teachers from countries all over the world.

Kid Castle started with a single school and has steadily expanded through Taiwan and across China. We now have over 200 branches in Taiwan, over 200 in Mainland China and new branches are opening up every few months! Kid Castle also provides textbooks, curriculum and other teaching resources to over 7000 schools! Those schools include elementary schools and other privately owned schools in Taiwan and China. We are proud of our reputation as one of the leading educational organizations in Asia.



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