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Technical Projects & Quality Manager- Steel Manufacturing






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The Technical Projects & Quality Manager is responsible for assessing the technical requirements received when there is a request for a quotation, adjusting costing associated with the project lifespan and if awarded carry the process through to customer approval. Directing and coordinating the activities of subordinates within the Quality Department and to assure compliance to the requirements of both customer and industry standards.

To assess the technical requirements, costing of a project or quotation and manage the quality department to ensure compliance.


1. Critically evaluate customer drawings and specifications to determine if they can be met.

2. Identify the most cost-effective method to produce a part as required by the customer RFQ and cost thereof.

3. Develop raw material input length optimisations.

4. Once the process route has been defined, estimate the cycle times for each process and begin sourcing of tooling. Always looking at delivery times, cost and quality of suppliers.

5. Source tooling for awarded projects and sign off the tooling design supplied by the tooling manufacturer and then control delivery in order to meet timing requirements.

6. Provide technical knowledge and support the production team when producing customer samples in order to ensure first time approval as well as when problems occur.

7. Ensure that the IMDS system for new parts is updated accordingly. (Supervise)

8. Manage the invoicing of tooling once the PPAP approval has been obtained from the customer.

9. Ensure that all tooling is correctly identified and tracked in terms of pictures of tooling and that all tooling has the correct number and asset tags assigned to it.

10. Continuously look at part / process optimisation in terms of reducing processing (with customer approval) as well as reducing waste (example is input lengths).

11. Liaise with suppliers and customers in order to resolve technical and quality problems.

12. Ensure that the Quality system is audited both internally and externally in order to prove compliance and an effective system.

13. Support subordinates to ensure that all quality aspects are within his/her experience, assist in training and development where needed.

14. Ensure that quality engineers assessing compiled PPAP packages acceptance to the customer.

15. Assure continuing quality of products produced and where opportunity for improvements arises, identify and implement accordingly.

16. Collaborate with Purchasing, Production and Sales Departments.

17. Evaluate the production process and identify areas of quality improvement.

18. Mechanical knowledge in terms of understanding how CNC tube benders work, Forming and Calibration machinery that is used in the automotive industry. (This would be a great advantage; however, training will also be provided if needed)

19. Metallurgical knowledge in terms of understanding the nature of stainless steel and how it behaves. (We would be able to offer training on this externally)

20. Work together with the Production Department to minimise customer complaints and quality alerts.

21. Assist in building a culture of belonging and helping one another to get the job done.

22. Manage overtime and only approve overtime prior.

23. Manage the scrap produced in the company in terms of minimizing the scrap by first time right practices or by identifying where the scrap is being generated and suggesting improvements accordingly to the Production Manager.

24. Report weekly in the Green Areas on the previous weeks performance.

25. Ensure that the tolerances on items produced are updated when a change is made.

26. Hold weekly meetings with management to outline any Quality issues as well as reporting on previous performance.

27. Setting up and maintaining controls and documentation procedures.

28. Regularly visit all major customers to ensure that our quality supplied is of high standard.






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