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Technical Support Manager






PFK Electronics (Pty) Ltd

Develop a simple and scalable technical support processes for all product types within PFK.

Main tasks of Job:

  • To manage, coordinate and drive the local and international field support technicians to provide superior field support technicians to provide superior field support service to all customers.
  • Full staffed and competent technical support / customer services division.
  • Work with the teams to develop the correct metrics for the processes.
  • Customer repairs and Customer data and feedback.
  • To gather and collate field failure and customer complaint statistics and to present this to Management and to Engineering to "close the loop" in terms of corrective action.
  • To design, manage and drive the field evaluation of all new products, software, systems and documentation.
  • To obtain and understand the product quality and standard requirements (such as VESA, CENELEC, NHTSA, THATCHAM etc) for local and international markets.
  • To assist the BDM's and Engineers in obtaining quotations for testing and approval costs of new products at local and international Test facilities.  To submit products to these test houses for approval and to manage the approval process right up to certification.
  • To manage and oversee the Technical Support and CANbus WEB portals in terms of updates and contents.
  • Serving as the interface between Field Technicians and problems found in the field at Customers and relaying this to QA and Engineering and ensuring it is fully resolved.  Serve as the internal field support Champion to collate and close down all Customer Complaints in conjunction with the QA department.
  • Chair monthly "product failure meetings" with QA and Engineering where product failure modes are discussed to ensure we get to and fix the root cause and thus avoid re-occurrence.  This based on data from Customer Service (Repairs) and the Technical Support Call Centre.



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