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Telesales Administrator






Salvage Management Disposals

SMD is one of South Africa’s leading vehicle management and sales companies. Whether you are looking for an innovative partner to assist you in the collection, processing, storage and sale of your vehicles, or you’re a private individual, or dealer, looking to buy or sell a vehicle, SMD has the answer for you. SMD has a nationwide network of auction and sales centres, and sells thousands of vehicles to the public every month.  We are looking for a sales/target driven individual to join this amazing team.

Job Purpose:

The Scheduling administrator will be in charge of all private contracts with clients such as Barloworld and Bankfin as well as regular buyers.  They will need to do invoicing as well as communicate with clients internal as well as externally.  They will be required to visit clients when requested to do so.  They will plan trips for the contracted clients and complete the full process that this will require from planning trips to following up on the Debtors (outstanding money) owed by the contracted clients.

Receiving of all upliftment (Towing) instructions, plan the upliftment and schedule all tows, inter-warehouse, local or long distance tows.  Allocate the tow to an SMD driver or sub-contractor.

The administrator must ensure that the correct procedures, process and the correct documentation are used in the most cost effective way for all the private tows within SMD Towing.

  • ensure that all Towing instructions are received with all the correct information.  The tow date, time and location, the condition of the tow, the release fee payable (if applicable), correct amount, special attention to specific comments, confirm the tow by contracting
  • ensure that all the necessary documents are printed and handed to the Driver, this includes the Towing instructions, confirm report, stock sticker, proof of payment, address etc.
  • All scheduling to be completed the previous afternoon or early in the morning so that all tows can be arranged and collected early the following day or during the course of the day, all within the agreed TAT for contracted clients.  Should a vehicle not be uplifted, investigate the reason thereof and inform all parties concerned.  If necessary, negotiate the release fee and communicate it through to the Admin Department or the client which we have a contract with for authorization. 
  • Ensure all 48hour queries are followed up on a daily basis before 10am and comments loaded on the SMD Server and copy Supervisory in on all queries.
  • Monitor and assist Drivers within 30 minutes if vehicles is unable to be collected.
  • Follow up daily on all outstanding vehicles.
  • Assist the Supervisor with any Admin duties where applicable.
  • Any future/additional tasks allocated by Management.  Tasks will be discussed prior to allocation.
  • Capturing of Private Tow's and Invoicing all tow's where applicable.
  • Manage the private contracted clients and continuously give feedback on movements of assets.
  • Visit clients where requested by management.
  • Telesales must be done each day from the lists sent from BI to quote private clients to buy from SMD.
  • Quote clients and make sure the leads system is up to date all day everyday.
  • Make sure payments are done before private tows.
  • Make sure the said invoicing scheduler has the paperwork needed to invoice for contractors that do private work for SMD Towing each day.
  • Must reach Target for income generated by telesales.
  • Call sheets to be completed and submitted to management each Friday morning.



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