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Travel Claims Assessor






Quantum Recruitment

Key Performance Indicators:

Documentation/logging of Travel cases:

  • All cases are collated and logged accurately


Productivity, as measured by number of cases assessed, and compared to group norm:

  • Assess and process between 15 to 20 claims per day depending on claim scenario


Undertaking of activities aimed at increasing personal competence:

  • When the opportunity arises, undertakes appropriate work-related activities beyond laid-down tasks for the job, with a view to increasing personal competence


Actively working to familiarise him/herself with Travel policy wordings and rules/ client benefits and service provider information:

  • Take time during shift or arrange time with team leader during/after shift to review Travel policy wordings and rules/ client benefits and  service provider information


Insure daily, weekly and monthly capture targets are met, also ensuring monthly follow up of claims are completed:

  • Assess and captures all claims  within 2 to 14 days ( dependant on client SLA's


Handling enquiries from service providers, schemes and policy holders:

  • Handing these enquiries within 48 hours and the escalating to Team Leader if the deadline cannot be met


Taking on of ad hoc assignments

  • Accepts all ad hoc assignments given to him/her; meets deadlines agreed to



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