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Warehouse Operations Manager






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Our client in the Aviation industry requires the service of Warehouse Operations Manager who will be responsible for executing the corporate strategy of growing our business; this includes developing our key customers, growing our presence in South Africa and Namibia and expanding complementary services.

Key performance areas:

  • Responsible for the business interests and operations of all warehouses in South Africa and Namibia.
  • Ensuring service delivery to customers is in accordance with Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and within the agreed budget level.
  • Ensuring safety and security procedures according to standards set within the Health & Safety Policy Manuals, and according to international aviation standards.
  • Monitoring performance and taking action to correct any shortfalls
  • Liaising with managers, operations management, customs, police, and security officials, union officials, other stakeholders.
  • Drive continuous improvement of all aspects of the business but with specific reference to risk, operational & financial performance.
  • Providing reports as required and service delivery measurements.
  • Provide leadership to the team and ensure skills development.
  • Negotiating SLAs.
  • Securing new business, developing opportunities and retaining existing profitable business.
  • Maintaining relationships with customers.
  • Assisting the regional management team in achieving revenue and profit budgets.
  • Developing and implementing short and long term commercial/sales plans to enhance growth.
  • Understanding and developing cargo handling services and how they complement other services offered by the company.
  • Implementing the defined cargo strategy and working alongside colleagues from across the network to deliver standardised performance.



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