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How To Select Your Job References Wisely

You might have aced the job interview but if you don't have the right references to back you up then you'll never get that job. The reference check is usually one of the last stages of an interview and because of that a lot of job seekers forget about it and then scramble to complete their references available upon request.

Belive it or not, but you ned to put in alot more work into selecting your references carefully. They can be the reason you get or don't get the job.

Here are my top tips to selecting the right references for your resume.

How To Write A Powerful CV

Your CV is the single most important document in your job application. One thing is certain there is no such thing as the perfect CV and that's because the contents of the ideal CV are determined by the position and the person who is applying.

Employers use the information in your CV to decide how suitable you are for the position. That means you should tailor the information in your CV to each position you apply for.

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