Customer Service Administrator

Accountable for operation of own work area or as a member of a team, as well as for quality, standards and outputs within defined work routines and policies.

Job Purpose
To ensure maximum stakeholder and customer satisfaction is achieved by managing orders, lead times and delivery windows
Key Accountabilities and Outputs
Enhanced customer service
• Master Data and inputs into Load plan aligned to Customers DSP (Distribution Service
• Package)
• Continuous communication with SD Planning to ensure calibration of master data to meet
• customers changing needs
• Feedback on all customer comments, queries and suggestions provided to the responsible
• party with the intent to improve service levels
• Accountable for new customer take-on process in-trade including customer induction
• Order capture via customer calls (telesales) to support Telesales ambition and free up
Sales representative time for more value add activities
Load plan execution
• Maintain good customer relations by delivering on promise consistently
• Day to day management of customers related delivery queries or complaints
Delivery productivity
• Explore and quantify opportunities to convert Customers to less expensive delivery modes
• Existing delivery modes optimised
• Master Data verified for accuracy
Adherence to Food Safety Requirements
• Commitment to The Beverage Company’s Food Safety policy and its objectives
• Ability to understand and implement all food safety requirements
• Adherence to and the enforcement of Food Safety Policies, SOPs and PRPs
• Compliance with PPE requirements including jewellery policy
• Compliance with personal hygiene requirements in accordance with the organisations code of practice
• Active engagement in all training including competency testing
• Regular practice of hand washing and sanitising
• Prevention of cross-contamination of products – no allergens allowed in the manufacturing facility
• Responsible for raising any food safety risk to the relevant personnel such as the Team Leader or Food Safety personnel

• Reporting of any illness or communicable disease before the commencement of shift
• Compliance with all legal, regulatory and customer requirements
• Enforce GMPs and conduct themselves in a manner conducive with food safety practices
• Maintain high standards of housekeeping and hygiene of equipment, facilities and work environment
• Informed and vigilant on food defense and food fraud risks
• Promote, encourage and continuously grow the organisations food safety culture
• Maintain zero compromise on product quality and safety
• Collaborate with internal food safety team to realise the organisations goals of retaining GFSI certification and continuous improvement
Stakeholder engagement
• Maintain open communication channels with Sales team and SD Planning
• Support social systems
• Support Administrators that work across functions

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South Africa

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