The following education, experience and and langauge skills:

  • B.Com-degree or Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning;
  • FAIS Accredited (NQF Level 7 or higher);
  • RE5;
  • CFP;
  • At least 7 years’ experience in the Employee Benefits industry in a consultancy role;
  • Excellent writing skills;
  • Verbal and written communication in English and Afrikaans, at all levels;

will enable you to:


  • Financial:
    • Maintain existing client base.
    • Ensure services offered to clients are cost-effective and profitable.
    • Identify new business opportunities and the decision makers within the client organization and partner with the new business manager on these opportunities to ensure success.
    • Promote cross-selling initiatives within the Group.
    • Identify growth, new business, and cross-selling opportunities within the existing client base.
    • Manage costs within your control, including costs relating to travel, accommodation, telephone, and printing.
    • Notify and get approval from Principal Consultant and the Finance Department for expenses to be incurred.
    • Notify the Principal Consultant and the compliance officer on errors/omissions that may lead to company being held accountable.
  • Administration:
    • Monitor and report on new business, operations, and profitability.
    • Liaise with EFBC management to address any issues.
    • Implement management decisions, ensure roll-out, and that decisions are actioned.
  • Relationship Management:
    • Build and maintain strong relationships with decision-makers and primary client contacts at multiple levels.
    • Identify prospects and build relationships with prospects’ decision-makers.
    • Build and maintain strong relationships with staff of other divisions within the Group.
    • Build key relationships with all service providers (i.e. administrators, insurers, individual advisors, etc.), distribution partners, and target market.
  • Clients and consulting:
    • Proactively manage client expectations, maintain strong relationships, and remain client focused at all times.
    • Prepare and present proposals to a client’s current retirement fund and/or risk benefits that could affect them as an employer as well as their employees.
    • Provide advice to the Trustees and/or Employer pertaining to benefits, legislation, and pending changes that could impact the retirement fund and/or group risk scheme.
    • Proposals and advice to be peer-reviewed by a Principal Consultant or Head of Consulting.
    • Ensure that the client’s retirement fund and group risk arrangements remain competitive, cost-effective, and appropriate for the client and the profile of employees.
    • Negotiate on behalf of Trustees/Employers/Members with service providers.
    • Plan and implement member sessions with the allocated Wealth Advisor.
    • Monitor and ensure the resolution of client queries.
    • Compile reports i.e. trustee reports, market review feedback, etc.
    • Achieve agreed new business targets.
  • Compliance to Internal Processes
  • Actively share information with other team members regarding successes, issues, trends, and ideas.
  • Develop strong relationships with all internal colleagues and external service providers to ensure operational efficiency and discuss product characteristics and appropriate training, service, and support.
  • Building key relationships with all service providers (i.e. administrators, insurers, individual advisors, etc.), distribution partners, and target market
  • Guide and oversee assistant consultants reporting to you.
  • Create a learning culture amongst assistant consultants and encourage further development.
  • Create an environment of mutual trust and demonstrate empathy with direct reports.
  • Ensure maintained membership and participation in Industry Bodies/Organisations such as FPI, IRFA, and PLA.
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